I created this website as a space for me to document my favourite places and things to do in Cornwall. Having grown up here, I have a local knowledge of the area that I'm aiming to develop through my blog. I want to provide a guide to the best coastal paths and secret coves as well as my preferred surf spots around Cornwall however, I'm also undertaking a journey to learn more about the county I call home and explore new places with my readers. 

I've been getting into wild swimming as a means to keep up my paddle strength while surfing and also because it feels great to swim in open water. I grew up by the sea so its become a part of who I am and most of what I do in my free time in Cornwall revolves around the ocean. I'm a great believer in the fact that living by the sea improves mental and physical health and want to help other people discover that to. 

This website will document and follow my journey as I explore Cornwall and will be my space to confide favourite spots, fun events and my general opinion about the county I call home. My dream is that this website and blog will eventually progress into a documentation of worldwide travelling. Starting with a surfing tour of Europe in my very own camper van!